2022 has ended! What’s coming in 2023?

What a whirlwind of a year it has been. I cannot believe how far we have come and how quickly we have grown. A quick recap for those (like me) who are still dizzy from everything in 2022.

I moved into our newly built home with studio space. At this point in January 2022 I thought that bringing in a little extra money for my family without having to sacrifice the wellbeing and time spent with my children – would be amazing. Little did I know what was to come.

Come the end of February I had enough clientele to warrant getting an online booking system website and EFTPOS machine.

April rolls around and my goodness the growth in clients just kept coming and at this stage, I realised that I was not prepared properly! So time to introduce Afterpay and launch 2 new services to list.

May through to December the growth kept steady and now 2023 is holding some exciting things for the Makeup Artisan

December also brought the opportunity for my husband to finally pursue his career dreams. For years he has been the breadwinner, always putting his family’s needs above his own (sometimes even to his detriment). Thanks to my amazing clients, and my hard work towards striving for better I was able to help my husband quit a job he hates and pursue his own dreams! It felt so good to say “Don’t worry babes, I got this”!

Now I am sitting here in my Pyjamas on New Year’s Eve thinking of all the things that I can do and where I want the business to go – and my dreams keep getting bigger and bigger. Honestly, right now I am feeling like my dreams are actually attainable! And yes I am an old lady that likes to spend New Year’s in my PJ’s watching some obscure show on Netflix…. Tonight it’s Wednesday by the way – stop judging you wish you were me right now! 😁

ANYWAYS….. The goal is always learning, growth and kindness at the Makeup Artisan and the key to my success so far has been to put my client’s needs first and always make sure they leave feeling beautiful.

Financially the first year has been a huge success and I plan to use the profits to grow my business further with better materials and better equipment to improve the studio. Last year we focused on the furnishings and fit out of the studio and whilst with the new service coming there will be some new adjustments – 2023 is going to be about business management, team building and networking with some new people out in the great wide world.

So 2023 brings us a new year and a new challenge – firstly I hope to see continual growth and knowledge. I love to learn and I am continuously committing myself to research and trying new products to better serve my clients. I am also hoping to value add to my existing and new client base. I love and hope to continue seeing the word-of-mouth aspect of the Makeup Artisan continue to grow. Every day I see people recommending us, sharing our pages and putting in referrals to their networks. I appreciate every single one of you and will continue providing a service that you are proud to recommend.

I want to add even more value to my service list, so let’s value add to the clients. 2023 is being ushered in with a bucket load of study on my part and a whole new service being introduced in March. Shhhh spoilers!😏

Now with new services, business growth and to take another step closer to my dreams for The Makeup Artisan, I have brought a new team member on board who will also be starting her official role in the salon space in March. I am so excited and cannot wait to make the official announcements and introductions for the service and staff members.

July 2023 will also bring an increase in the price of my nail services… Don’t freak out – this is strictly to cover the cost of the brand new high-quality coloured and clear acrylics we will now be converting to – coloured acrylic allows more intricate nail art… which is always fun, let’s be real. PLUS we have expanded on our 3D nail collection to include Swarovski crystals and large 3D gems. I see a lot of happy clients in my future – and a lot of fun nail art designs! Start up those Pinterest boards ladies because this is going to be incredible. I am so excited!

Well, that’s all folks! As usual watch our socials, the website and if you aren’t already a member join our VIP club on Facebook (The Makeup Artisan VIP Club). I cannot wait to slay 2023 and I am so thankful for a strong end to 2022 and riding it.