Quality Over Quantity: Why You Should Avoid Bargain Lash Services

Hey Everyone,  Anni here (co-founder of Villainy Beauty and Principal Beauty Therapist), there is always a time and place for every discussion and it’s about time I speak to the $50 lashes that are floating around. Now when I say $50 lashes I am referring to lash extensions done by techs who are charging anything […]

Body Dysmorphia

image of a beautiful woman gazing into a mirror. The reflection in the mirror, however, is an allegorical, abstract representation.

In a world that often tells us we’re not enough, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that our journey is uniquely beautiful. At Villainy Beauty, we challenge the norms of beauty with rage and vengeance because every curve, every flaw, and every triumph along the way is a piece of the story that is you! And […]