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Quality Over Quantity: Why You Should Avoid Bargain Lash Services
Hey Everyone,  Anni here (co-founder of Villainy Beauty and Principal Beauty Therapist), there...
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The Evolution of Beauty Standards
In a world where beauty and intelligence are often seen as mutually exclusive, my journey from an industry...
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image of a beautiful woman gazing into a mirror. The reflection in the mirror, however, is an allegorical, abstract representation.
Body Dysmorphia
In a world that often tells us we’re not enough, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that our...
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The Magic of Brow Lamination: Unveiling the Glossy, Fresh Laminated Look. 
When it comes to achieving perfectly groomed and beautifully shaped eyebrows, brow lamination has taken...
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Ensuring Safety and Excellence: Australian Health and Safety Standards in the Beauty Industry. 
The beauty industry plays a vital role in enhancing our well-being and confidence. As consumers, it’s...
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portrait of a woman receiving diamond microdermabrasion treatment
Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning
Yet another innovation that confuses many of the general public. I often get asked about Microdermabrasion...
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Spray Tan or Tanning Bed? What you should know!
Depending on which part of the world you yield from it is the end of summer or it could be the start....
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The History of Modern Tooth Gems
Tooth gems are a popular trend in the world of beauty and fashion, but many people are not aware of their...
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10 Benefits of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Teeth whitening is not a new thing in the Beauty Industry. However, it has become more and more...
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Brow Styling
There is so much on the market these days when it comes to brows and brow styling. But what is right...
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