The Evolution of Beauty Standards

In a world where beauty and intelligence are often seen as mutually exclusive, my journey from an industry novice to a business partner at Villainy Beauty has been an eye-opening rebellion against this dated notion. This blog reflects on the transformative path of challenging societal norms and stereotypes within the beauty industry, a journey not […]

Body Dysmorphia

image of a beautiful woman gazing into a mirror. The reflection in the mirror, however, is an allegorical, abstract representation.

In a world that often tells us we’re not enough, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that our journey is uniquely beautiful. At Villainy Beauty, we challenge the norms of beauty with rage and vengeance because every curve, every flaw, and every triumph along the way is a piece of the story that is you! And […]

2022 has ended! What’s coming in 2023?

What a whirlwind of a year it has been. I cannot believe how far we have come and how quickly we have grown. A quick recap for those (like me) who are still dizzy from everything in 2022. I moved into our newly built home with studio space. At this point in January 2022 I […]

My First Christmas as a Practicing Beautician

I often see seasons and times of the year as colours. Why? Well because there is always a set of colours associated with the season that trends in nails, fashion and beauty. Being Christmas I am seeing greens, reds, silvers, golds everywhere. But this year we have even incorporated blues, purples and pinks. It seems […]

Nail Salons!

Now I know what you are thinking… don’t tell me she is going to talk down about shopping centre salons. Of course not. What I am going to do is educate my lovely queens on what they should look out for wherever they go to get their nails done. These things are small seemingly unnoticeable […]

Dip System Vs Acrylic

As a Beauty Therapist that is in training and working with nails on a daily basis, I get asked a lot of questions. I like the give peer-reviewed facts so I spend a lot of my time reading research papers about a lot of different topics in the beauty industry. One of the most commonly […]