Facials – Who, What and Why?

There are two kinds of people who follow and read newsletters – firstly the kind who read the title and innocently thought “Oh yeah skincare and stuff”, secondly those who thought of……. well we don’t need to go there I just want to say to you either a) you took a wrong turn on your google search or b) get your mind out of the gutter – oh I should get mine out of the gutter too.


Facials are (in my opinion) an absolute necessity to absolutely EVERYBODY – save young children whose skin just is the absolute goal! Men, women, teenagers, doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what you identify as – if you have skin you need 1) good skin care and 2) facials at least every 2-3 months. Every 6 weeks ideally.


So what exactly is a facial? Well, that depends on who and what you are trying to accomplish. For most, it is the process of rejuvenating, and treating the surface layers of the skin in the décolletage and face areas. You can use facial treatments to target individual issues as well Рyour specialist should target your areas of concern as well as what they observed during the initial analysis.

All facials should start with a consultation – this where you and your specialist have a candid discussion about what to expect, what skin care you use, what are your areas of concern and come up with an initial treatment plan to combat these concerns. Bear in mind that these plans are usually long-term… You can’t come in for a facial and miraculously have all your problems fixed straight away – these things will take time and effort on both you and your specialist’s part. Yes, you actually have to put effort into your skin as well. Us beauticians are amazing but we aren’t fairies with magically skin care wands to wave about.

Now that the consultation is out of the way there are 2 things I really hope you pay attention to

  1. How are you feeling? Does this specialist make you feel at ease, do you trust her/his knowledge? Have they demonstrated understanding as to why and what you are there for? Do not be afraid to pull the plug if the therapist isn’t someone you feel confident in. It is your skin, and you only get one so take care of it and trust your gut
  2. Is their workstation clean? Look I am not going to lie working with facials and skin is hard work and I will admit to leaving or pulling out a set of notes for particular issues or targets that I am wanting to achieve for my client – so when I say clean and clear I don’t mean for you to chastise them or feel uneasy if they are leaving notes out – in fact this should make you more confident in them, because they are referring to their research and resources to best help you! Not themselves. So what do I mean by clean? Look at the bottles of products, do they look new or at least clean and presentable? Are the bowls clean or do they have a stack of dishes that need doing? Are the brushes clean? Most of these things will be in plain sight so look around you and assess whether or not you want to be having a facial with those particular utensils.

A good facial specialist will also have products available for you to purchase or order – this means that you are not then going home and causing any contraindications on your already delicate pores. Yes, your skincare routine should match the products your specialist is using…. if they aren’t providing you with a recommended regime then you may as well burn the money that you are spending in a fire pit.


Well, this is the easiest part to write in this newsletter, why is simple… Because they are relaxing and because they are great for your skin.

Facials are deep tissue cleansing, which means pores get a deep clean out – which often they don’t get day to day, dead skin is removed, blackheads and whiteheads are dealt with and the skin just gets to hit the reset button.

And whilst your skin is getting everything it needs from the likes of someone like me, you get scalp massages, facial massages, shoulder rubs and just all things relax and reset. So why wouldn’t you want one?