Lash lift or lash perm!

What’s the difference? You know I couldn’t resist an article on lashes when we have just added a new service to our lash menu. Lash lifts are becoming more and more popular in the beauty world, and perms are nearly obsolete. So what is the difference? Well, the main difference is the active solutions used in the process to strip the proteins of the lashes to get them to reshape the way we want them to. Aside from this, there is not a lot of difference. Lash lifts are better for lash health long term as the solutions are gentler and achieve the same if not better results.

A lash perm uses the likes of ammonium thioglycolate, and whilst it is usually not harmful to use – a lot of people have adverse reactions to it. Essentially those of us who cannot wear lash extensions due to sensitivity to lash glues will not be able to have a lash perm. Lash lifts have a diverse range of solutions that salons can purchase to suit individual client needs, thus catering for most allergies, being vegan-friendly etc.

Unlike lash perms the active constituents are not necessarily the same across the brands and types. Not to mention my favourite part about offering lash lifts -the final stage of the process is to simply nourish and moisturise the lashes, leaving a lovely glossy finish. But for argument’s sake let’s break it down to help everyone with their lash journey.

Cost: Cost wise lash perming and lash lifting seem to be comparable and depending on what area you live in there isn’t a lot of difference. I could not find someone who offers perming in my area so I have compared my lash lift prices with those in Perth offering perming. Lash Lift $85.00 (with tinting) Lash Perm $105.00 (with tinting).

Results: Results are probably the most important thing to be comparing here. In my experience, lash perming utilises a curling solution on the ends and tips of the lashes, whereas lash lifts utilise a lifting solution applied to the whole lash which means a lift gives a more open, and natural long and luscious result. Conversely a lash perm you mainly end with a nice lash curl but that is about it.

Tinting: Along with your lash lift you can choose to use a tinting service – meaning you can skip the mascara together. This is because it is easily combined with the service and complements each other. It is my personal opinion that a lash perming solution is very harsh and would be better rested before putting tinting on the lashes. Meaning you would need a second trip to the salon.

Touch Ups: Lash lifts utilise the entirety of the lash meaning you won’t need to touch up anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle. Obviously, if you have chosen to tint your lashes as well you may want to come back on a 4-weekly basis to keep the colour on point. On the other hand – lash perms do not use the whole lash meaning the finish is unlikely to last anywhere near as long, meaning less bang for your buck and a revisit to the salon every 3-4 weeks. Whilst both services have their place in the beauty industry – lash lifts are better long-term, easier to maintain and have the luscious results every woman wants – that is without extensions. No matter what I always recommend a good lash shampoo, and a nice lash serum to keep your lashes healthy, hydrated and luxurious – Hit me up if you need help in finding the perfect duo for you.