My First Christmas as a Practicing Beautician

I often see seasons and times of the year as colours. Why? Well because there is always a set of colours associated with the season that trends in nails, fashion and beauty. Being Christmas I am seeing greens, reds, silvers, golds everywhere. But this year we have even incorporated blues, purples and pinks. It seems every Christmas decorations come in all sorts of colours.

I love this time of year, I love spoiling my clients and I love the joy that the year brings to children and adults. I mean – if you are going to tell me that seeing Santa at the mall doesn’t bring a smile to your face even as a grown ass woman/man, I am going to tell you that you are either lying to me or yourself or both…. or that you are the 2022s Ebonizer Scrooge.

Some things that I want to address before I share some of my Christmas client stories… I know Christmas is a busy busy time of year and for the first time in 2 years we are finally pandemic lockdown free to be able to spend Christmas here there and everywhere… But please be kind and courteous to your specialists. I have had more than one client get frustrated and upset with me because I have either not been able to accommodate their appointment preferences or because they have had to cancel appointments and cannot rebook before Christmas. Beauticians have families and commitments too and you are not the only client that we have to try and facilitate appointments. So please either book your needs well in advance and keep your appointments or at least give the courtesy to understand that you are not the only one who gets busy and flustered at this time of year. This brings me to another point – please do not book appointments that you do not actually intend to show up for. Whilst this should be a common courtesy thing year round, Christmas is especially bad for people not showing and last minute cancelling – remember your beauty therapist has a family and probably kids to buy gifts for and time wasted is money wasted. Your appointment could have been given to someone else to use to facilitate other last-minute changes… Remember that we use our income to feed mouths too – and your family needs are no more or no less important than ours.

Now I know things happen, we get sick etc… Those situations are understandable and completely reasonable…. I appreciate those who try not to spread illness. Essentially I thank those of my clients who actively choose to keep their plague to themselves 😀

Now onto the fun stuff… Some Christmas client fun. My first client is not a bright colours person at all, however, she does like Christmas and seasonal themes… I was presented with “I want Christmas nails but make them black”…. Holy hell was I scratching my head over how the hell I was going to accomplish this. I (of course) nailed it completely.

Our next contestant wanted classic Christmas with all the trimmings… Being my usual OTT self I decided to more than oblige. All the red with all the Christmas imagery. We have stockings, we have Santas, and Christmas Teddies on a background of reds and greens. Way to harness one’s inner child.

At this point, I have found Christmas glitter, stickers, crystals and polishes in places I did not know i could find them. So it makes sense to bring on a few more. This set was a challenge – every nail was hand painted on the fly… as well as working with limited tools. These clients wanted mobile nails services, and as I try my best to anticipate what they are going to what and need it’s not always possible to pack EVERYTHING

Sometimes simple is better. This was a base of Risque Red topped with Santa’s Sleigh glitter. I then went through at added a pretty little snowman and who can resist a Christmas present nail? I can’t that’s for sure!

I am a uber fan of The Grinch – so when I spotted this Grinch-coloured glitter gel I was so there and so living for it. Doesn’t it just make the perfect accent on a set of Christmas nails? Of course, being a Grinchy colour this had to be the middle fingers feature – I mean do we really think the Grinch wouldn’t be naughty enough to use that finger in peak hour?