[In Stock] Cross Fidget Ring Gold or Silver


Introducing our Cross Fidget Ring—a dynamic accessory designed to help you stay centred in the midst of life’s whirlwinds. This unique ring features multiple spinning pieces that not only add a touch of sophistication but also serve as a source of comfort and focus.

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Copper crafted in your choice of colours of elegant gold or timeless silver, the Cross Fidget Ring is a stylish expression of both fashion and functionality. Its intricate design allows for discreet fidgeting, providing a calming outlet for stress and anxiety, while the cross symbolizes a sense of grounding and balance.

Whether you choose the lustrous allure of gold or the classic charm of silver, this ring is more than just an accessory; it’s a companion in your journey towards tranquillity. Elevate your style while maintaining your centre with the Cross Fidget Ring—a perfect blend of mindfulness and elegance for those seeking balance in every spin of life’s challenges.


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