Services Policy

  1. Your appointment doesn’t exist if you haven’t paid your deposit. There are no exceptions.
  2. A ‘no show’ without communication =  full payment.
  3. Late arrival without communications = no show = full payment.
  4. Abuse of any kind = banned for life and risks being fed to Alistair (the python).
  5. Appointments are prioritised over walk-ins, unless you’re late (see point 2).
  6. Don’t threaten to go to our competitors down the road. There is enough work for all of us to feed all of our families. Don’t threaten us with a good time. It won’t get the result you’re after.
  7. No foreign fills. This is actually more to do with your health and well-being, we use all sorts of chemicals in our work that can react and clash with chemicals of other techs outside of Villainy Beauty.
  8. Don’t demand a refund without giving us the explicit opportunity to fix or amend the situation. We know our rights with Australian Consumer Protection laws. We’re also neurospicy as hell and subtext is completely lost on us.
  9. Our dogs on site are trained ‘assistance dogs’ for medical purpose.
  10. Please read rules 1 through 9 again. Repeat until it sticks. If for any reason these rules don’t fly for you please kindly fuck yourself off to somewhere else.

We have families and loved ones we want to get back to, we understand if circumstances of life, just talk to us like we're human and we'll do the same.